2 February

Sharyn asks: We live in Australia and we are absolutely hooked on OF. We have some questions which can help us understand the cultural differences between NZ and Aus. 1. Why is the drug in series 3 called P? We have no idea?? 2. Judd ‘perfed’ when he left the Police force, what is that???? 3. The Doslich’s are referred to as ‘Delis’, what does this mean? Can’t wait for series 4 and beyond. Thanks.

One of the Outrageous Fortune writers, Tim Balme, responds:

1. P stands for PURE. Pure Methamphetamine. It’s a scourge here affecting all walks of life. It’s the most intense form of speed. It is generally smoked through a pipe (like crack cocaine) and is highly addictive – especially to those with a propensity to get hooked on ‘things’. It is not uncommon for people to rack upa $1000 a day habit. It makes people very UPTIGHT, ANGRY and PARANOID.

2. Perfing is what cops do to take early retirement. The police match two for one in a pension scheme. A cop needs to prove injury (mental or physical) to get out of service with their ‘entitlement’. Hence Judd faked his injury to be able to claim his money.

3. As Kiwis we are saying Dallys, short for Dalmatians. West Auckland has a strong Dalmatian influence. Croatians and Serbians. They settled there early on and stamped their character on West Auckland. They set up New Zealand’s first vineyards.

2 February

Dominic asks Antony: I was wondering, when you auditioned for the role of Jethro/Van, did you audition separately? Or did the director already have an idea of one person playing both roles? Cheers bro.

Yes. Separately. I left and came back to do a Cheryl audition too.