28 September

Phile asks Charles Mesure: How did you watch the first episode? With others from OF? With mates? Do you like to watch yourself on screen? I ask a lot of questions — just pick one! Thanks!

Charles Mesure says:

I think I was busy filming that day so we didn’t really organise anything – I really wanted to watch it with my flatmates but I ended up watching it on my own. That has been the way things went this year – so much work and so little social life! Usually I quite like watching the shows that I am in.

Watching my own work is interesting I guess because you get to see how it came across – whether the choices you went for came across or were effective or whether the director used some other take or whatever.

Mainly, watching the show gives you the chance to watch what everyone else was doing – Antony Starr’s comic genius, etc. But I have to admit, it had been a while since I had seen myself on TV – the greying shaved head look on OF V was a shock!!!