21 September

T of Titirangi asks: “Outrageous Fortune” is a quote from Shakespeare, I’m guessing that all the epsiode ttles are too. Is there a list somewhere of where each one comes from, or shall I spend some sad hours with a dictionary of quotations and find out for myself? or indeed should I just get a life?

From James Griffin:

The phrase “outrageous fortune” comes, of course, from HAMLET. In fact all the episode titles are taken from the text of HAMLET – it is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

What we do is we go to a searchable on-line version of the play and enter a word that is key to a theme of the episode – say, for example, “mother” or “sister” or “lust” or “greed” or whatever. The marvel that is the internet then gives us various options from within the text. Sometimes it takes a bit of searching but we’ve managed to find a title we’re happy with every time thus far.

It is a fun game that can take many hours and can also lead to much debate. This probably proves that we, not you, are the ones in need of getting a life.