Most Common Questions

  • Where can I get Outrageous Fortune on DVD?

    Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 of Outrageous Fortune are available for purchase from most major retailers in New Zealand and online through Real Groovy, Gumboot , Mighty Ape and Fishpond.

    A limited edition complete series boxset is also available.

    Series 1 – 5 are available for purchase from most major retailers in Australia. There is also a series 1 – 5 boxset. Distributed by Umbrella Entertainment.

  • When will Outrageous Fortune be on TV?

    South Pacific Pictures produces Outrageous Fortune. Air dates and scheduling of the programme is at the discretion of the television networks playing the series. These networks (TV3 in New Zealand) have been granted exclusive licences by South Pacific Pictures or the international distributors of the programme.

    For this reason, it’s best to contact your local network regarding air dates.

    Series six premiered July 13, 8:30pm on TV3 (New Zealand).

  • What is the address of the West house & can I visit it?

    The West house exterior is a private residence in West Auckland. Scenes within the interior house were filmed inside our studios.
    We cannot release the house address. Too much unwanted attention is invasive to the residents’ privacy. Please respect this.

    If you wish to visit the real West house set, you can! The set is being transported to Auckland Museum for a six month exhibition starting in December 2010. For more information on Outrageous Fortune: Journey to the Wests click here.

  • Where in the world does Outrageous Fortune play?

    Outrageous Fortune has been sold to networks in England, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Australia, Slovenia & Croatia. The series has also aired on the Australia Network which is a cable channel that plays throughout South East Asia and the Pacific.

    UK production company Greenlit Rights has also made a local version of the show called Honest which is a six-part series that aired on ITV1 in 2008. A US version of the show has also been produced for ABC. This show, entitled Scoundrels, first aired on the ABC Network in June 2010.

  • Can you tell me the name of the song that played in that episode?

    Check out our Music page. Music listings for each episode are also featured under the recaps in the Episodes page.

  • I am an aspiring actor/actress, how can I get a part on Outrageous Fortune?

    Outrageous Fortune is no longer in production, so unfortunately you can’t!

    For both main acting roles and for those who wish to be cast as extras, South Pacific Pictures uses acting agencies, who put forward potential candidates. You must get yourself an acting agent if you are keen to work as an extra or as an actor on any South Pacific Pictures production.

  • What is the name of the theme song and who sings it?

    The Outrageous Fortune theme song is called ‘Gutter Black’ and is sung by legendary Kiwi band Hello Sailor. The song was first released in 1977. It features on Westside Rules – the Outrageous Fortune soundtrack.

  • I missed an episode of the show, can I get a copy?

    Local and international broadcasters who play Outrageous Fortune have been granted exclusive licences by South Pacific Pictures or the international distributors of the programme.

    The supply of individual episodes on tape or DVD is often a breach of the licence, so our policy is unfortunately no, we are unable to be of assistance.

    If you’ve missed an episode, buy the DVDs.

  • Can I follow the show & cast on Twitter & Facebook?

    Yes. You can follow:

    Outrageous Fortune on Facebook
    Outrageous Fortune on Twitter: @OFwestside
    Robyn Malcolm on Facebook
    Robyn Malcolm on Twitter: @RobynMalcolm
    Antony Starr on Facebook
    Antony Starr on Twitter: @AntonyStarr
    Siobhan Marshall on Facebook
    Siobhan Marshall on Twitter: @siobhan_gm
    Dave Fane on Twitter: @DrFane
    Aidee Walker on Twitter: @LaydeeAidee

  • Where can I get the black ring Cheryl wears from?

    This ring gets a LOT of comments.

    Tribu have just rereleased it – check it out here.

  • Where is Loretta’s necklace from?

    Loretta’s necklace (series 4 onwards) is from NZ designer Kate Sylvester but isn’t her own design. It’s from another designer and our wardrobe dept can’t recall the name sadly.

  • Is series six the last series of Outrageous Fortune?


  • Why did the show have to end?

    The decision to end Outrageous Fortune after six series was not an easy one to make. A number of factors came into making the call that series six would be the last.

Recently Asked Questions

  • Cat asks: What is Cheryl West’s fav. drink?

    Rum ‘n’ coke!

  • Kama asks: Hi, im sure you had a clothing range?? have you sold out or is there another site now to purchase these from?

    Yes, you can buy the official programme t-shirts at

  • Noel asks: Do you know if a “full set” of Outrageous Fortune will be released for sale ? If this is going to happen, where can I buy ??

    Hi Noel,

    Yes, a limited edition box set of series 1 – 6 is available in New Zealand. You can get this via online stores such as Real Groovy or Mighty Ape. Major retailers in New Zealand should also stock it.

    For Australians, Umbrella Entertainment has released a series 1 – 5 box set.

  • Aaron asks: hi there how many episodes ov s.6. to go an how do i go about getting a copy of series6 dvd once it has finished i need it asap as have series1-5 an am moving to ozi an want the whole set b4 i go,wld be choice if you can help me

    Hi there

    The DVD in NZ is distributed by Roadshow and should be available in main retail stores and online. The DVD has not yet been released in Australia but the distributor there is Umbrella Entertainment.

    There is also a series 1 – 6 limited edition DVD boxset in most NZ retail stores/online.

  • Otis asks: what is the name of the actress playing that russian chick?

    Brooke Williams.