17 September

James Griffin on bFM

On Saturday, James Griffin (co-creator, Executive Producer and writer of Outrageous Fortune) joined Peter Urlich for a chat on bFM.

Have a listen to their chat HERE.

17 September

Series five DVD release date!

The wait is finally over! Series five will be released on DVD New Zealand-wide/online on OCTOBER 15.

Distributed by Roadshow Entertainment, you can grab your DVD from major retail outlets (NZ) or via online sites such as Real Groovy, Gumboot and GP store.

2 September

Outrageous Fortune actors behind Paw Justice campaign

It’s time to stand up for our pets’ rights. Many of your favourite OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE actors are doing so by getting behind the PAW JUSTICE campaign.

PAW JUSTICE wants 1 million signatures saying NO to animal cruelty and to ensure offenders are punished to fit their crimes. Your help is required to launch an effective legislation that makes potential offenders think twice before harming any animal.

For further information regarding the petition and PAW JUSTICE t-shirts, visit the Paw Justice website: www.pawjustice.co.nz


2 September

John Campbell’s day on the set of Outrageous Fortune

Campbell Live was on set to shoot John Campbell’s Outrageous Fortune series six cameo appearance this week. Check out the video here.

1 September

Outrageous Fortune supports Loud Shirt Day

Friday September 18th is Loud Shirt Day, an annual fundraiser to help deaf and hearing-impaired Kiwi kids.

This week, seven unique shirts are up for grabs on TradeMe to support the cause. And we’ve thrown two t-shirts worn by Cheryl West on Outrageous Fortune into the mix! One of these is the gold and black Keith Matheson shirt Cheryl wore during her infamous catfight with Sheree. That t-shirt is on TradeMe HERE.

There are also t-shirts signed by Rhys Darby and Alice Cooper.

For more details about Loud Shirt Day, visit www.loudshirtday.co.nz