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Playing twins Van and Jethro West on OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE has won Antony Starr multiple Best Actor trophies at the annual New Zealand Qantas Film and Television Awards. He most recently took out the category in 2008.

In the 2010 TV Guide Best on the Box People’s Choice Awards, Antony was voted Best Actor for the third year running and took out the Sexiest Man crown a second time.

In 2007, his work on OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE also won him the Air New Zealand Screen Award for Performance by an Actor and Best Actor at the Asian TV Awards.

Antony began his professional acting career nearly a decade ago with a small part on Shortland Street and guest roles on Xena – Warrior Princess and Hercules. From there the young actor returned to Shortland Street to play Stratford Wilson, a recurring guest role.

In 2001, Antony was cast in Mercy Peak as Todd; a guest role he had throughout Mercy Peak‘s three seasons. Since then, Antony’s television credits have included a core cast role in kids’ series Hard Out and guest roles in P.E.T. Detectives, Street Legal and Serial Killers.

Antony’s feature film credits include Toa Fraser’s internationally acclaimed debut feature, No.2, The World’s Fastest Indian, Without a Paddle and the acclaimed feature film In My Father’s Den.

Following production wrap on series five of OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE in 2009, Antony went onto shoot a leading role in the feature film, After the Waterfall which released in 2010. He also landed the lead role in South Pacific Pictures’ upcoming telefeature, Spies and Lies, due to air on TV ONE (NZ) in late 2010.

Antony has also been involved in a number of theatre productions. He appeared on stage in the second edition of Sex with Strangers (2005) while in 2004 Antony performed in two theatre productions: Closer at Auckland’s Silo Theatre and Sex with Strangers directed by Colin Mitchell at the Herald Theatre.

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Antony Starr plays Van West and Jethro West.

Q&A with Antony Starr

  • Takky asks Antony: Hello ; omg you are soo hot (: are you and munter really best mates ?

    Hi Takky,

    Munter is a character, so no. However, Tammy Davis and I are mates. He lives just down the road.

  • Amelia asks Antony: Which character do you prefer to play?

    I like playing both. I like Jethro’s complexity and Van’s simplicity.

  • Adam asks Antony: Hi Anthony, who would you consider yourself more like? Jethro or Van?

    Bits of both. I like Van’s simplicity and Jethro’s complexity.

  • Dominic asks Antony: I was wondering, when you auditioned for the role of Jethro/Van, did you audition separately? Or did the director already have an idea of one person playing both roles? Cheers bro.

    Yes. Separately. I left and came back to do a Cheryl audition too.

  • Finn asks Antony: Hi I was just wondering if you actually root the girls in real life. I bought series 1, 2, 3 and 4 to watch over my school holidays and I am a big fan. I rekon Jethro is a prick, Van is way better. Can you by Tool t-shirts from somewhere? Thanks Van.


    No, that’s not real. You can buy TOOL and GUY t-shirts from

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