Tammy Davis

At the 2008 Qantas Film and Television Awards, Tammy Davis won the Performance by a Supporting Actor in General Television award for his role as Munter on OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE.

In 2006, Tammy starred in the Kiwi cult horror movie Black Sheep.

He made his 1997 feature film debut as ‘Mookie’ in What Becomes of the Broken Hearted? And also appeared in the Oscar-nominated film Whale Rider as well as Fracture.

Before taking on the supporting role of Munter in OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE’s first season, Tammy’s New Zealand dramas included The Market, Mataku, The Wild Ones and both series’ of Jacksons Wharf.

Tammy studied drama with an acting major at Northland Polytechnic. His theatre credits include: The Battalion – Te Rakau (2005); Take Me Home Mr (2003); Popokoura & Kihikihi and Awhine (2002).

Tammy lives in Auckland with his partner Ainsley and their three daughters.

Tammy Davis plays Munter.

Q&A with Tammy Davis

  • Starlight asks Tammy: random question, probs not true anyways, but are your tattoos real? or just part of your charactor’s costume for the show? love outrageous! you guys rock!

    Thanks for your message. Tattoos are transfers so not real.

  • Tammy asks Bruce: Bro can you settle this dis agrement for us. Are you the nake sake of Tammy from raetihi And di paddy Potaka teach you. We just wondering cause unsure if he is pulling our legs. Chuurr

    Yes, I’m named after Uncle Tammy from Raetihi. And Paddy was our Headmaster if I can recall right.

    Enjoy the show,

  • Jennifer asks Tammy: Just wanted to tell you that you make the show awesome! I am a Yank and watch the show all the time with my kiwi hubby. Your character and mannerisms constantly make me smile and laugh! Thank you, keep up the good work!

    Thanks Jen. Happy new year!

  • Tracey asks Tammy: Hi Tammy, I think your character is awesome :). Especially when you’re in scenes with Ant, you 2 are so funny together, it gives the show a bit of sparkle, I laugh so much with all that you get up to. My daughter asked me if you acutally smoke dope when you are on set, I said NO of course they’re not but she doesn’t believe me. Lol Can you clear this up for her please? T xx

    No, we smoke honey rose herbal cigarettes!

  • Tahnia asks Tammy: Heyyyyy, do you know a Cohden Walker?

    Yes. He is my cousin’s son.

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