Aaron Spiller

Aaron is a tow truck driver. He was an old acquaintance of Van and Jethro’s from Shadbolt High. Despite the fact that Aaron is a bit of a dick, Van befriended him and his bogan mates after his ‘break-up’ with Munter.

Aaron is a towie with the acest truck. He is like a shark cruising the mean streets, picking up cars, never missing an opportunity. He has a sweet deal going on the side, which has once or twice brought him to the attention of the cops. He managed to get away with it, cos he’s got the smarts.

Coincidentally, Aaron reappeared when Van and Munter found an old Valiant to restore and slowly he edged his way back into the friendship.

As always, Aaron’s a complete dick and a pain in the arse but the boys tolerate him coz he hooks them up with car parts etc.

Aaron Spiller is played by Wesley Dowdell.

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