Bailey Wilson

Oh, what a mystery is Bailey. Where did she come from, this woman so confident, seductive – so entirely ball breaking?

Bailey didn’t set out to be every man’s wet dream. Yes, she is from the school of hard knocks – the trashy mother, the worse boyfriends, yada yada. But all this is evidence (to her, for one) of how character can prevail, if you have the smarts…
Bailey has the smarts to learn from her experience – every experience. She sponges it up, uses it to her advantage. This is how Bailey has gone from university C student to life–and-work kick-ass A student.

Bailey has natural confidence, and high expectations, unlike most people, who have low expectations of just about everything. This is why it has been easy for Bailey to get ahead, fast, on all fronts.

Live more, gain more is Bailey’s creed. If it does no harm; makes her more money; gives her more pleasure – what could possibly be the problem? She likes life with a little edge, a little danger, and this extends to her choice of lovers as well.

Bailey Wilson is played by Sophie Henderson.