Gary Savage

Gary is smart and down to earth, and believes that to get rich you have to get your hands dirty. That’s how he made his first real money: as an earth mover – and from there he’s diversified into property and construction. He’s now one of the wealthiest men in West Auckland. He’s proud of the fact, but he doesn’t flaunt his cash, waste it on crap, or appear on reality shows.

He does what he’s always done: fishing, hunting – except now he has better gear and a bigger boat. Gary likes a drink and a barbie. He likes people who have strong opinions and who get things done. Gary can appear low key, he’s quick with a joke, but if you work for him, it’s clear he expects hard work, complete loyalty and no bullshit. He’s a good bloke to have in your corner, as he has a long memory and always pays his debts. But don’t cross him or get in his way, because he’s used to moving mountains.

Gary Savage is played by Aaron Jeffery.