Hayden Peters

Hayden Peters is married to Loretta West and is father to Baby Jane.

Hayden grew up in a family not unlike the Wests (only Catholic) – lots of kids running around and not exactly a heck of a lot of respect for the letter of the law. When his old man died, Hayden took over the family businesses. These included several properties out of which brothels were being run. Hayden immediately sold these businesses and turned the big houses out in the suburbs into rest homes. This isn’t because Hayden is a law-abiding citizen with strong moral values. No, it’s just that there’s more money and less hassle in the elderly.

Hayden’s a criminal who thinks of himself as a businessman whose business is whatever makes money. Rest homes; charity scams; fraud; robbery… He’ll give anything a crack if he figures the numbers stack up. If he says he can do something, he can do it. He’s got a lot of contacts and he knows how to work any system. He’s the kinda guy who makes things happen.

Hayden Peters is played by Shane Cortese.

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