Nicky Greegan is Sheree’s adored younger brother. Nicky is as smart as his sister, and just as tough. He’s built, but not into Popeye territory, and has presence. He’s not a guy to be messed with, and people seem to know it. Nicky is ambitious and with an eye to the main chance. This involves taking opportunities when he sees them and cultivating a wide circle of acquaintance. . . .

Nicky had the odd brush with the law when he was younger, and it has to be said that he and Sheree were not from the squeakiest family. But if their parents were loose, pissed and often absent, this has only bonded Sheree and Nicky more closely. They are fiercely protective of each other, and very fond. Some might think too fond.

Nicky has an easy social manner, but he doesn’t trust a lot of people. He is cynical about human nature and believes it’s a dog eat dog world. Nicky has plans to be top dog, and stay there, by whatever means necessary.

Nicky is played by Craig Hall.

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