Rochelle is a top chick. She’s a Westie (Titirangi born and bred) with a heart of gold – and a soft spot for a sob story.

An old friend of Cheryl’s from way back, they’ve been known on occasions to hit the turps and behave very badly in public. Before working with the girls at Hoochie Mama, Rochelle used to juggle a few benefits with the odd bit of work here and there. She’s not stupid and she’s pretty tough, but that doesn’t stop her from making some pretty darn wrong decisions.

When Jethro did some work for mayoral candidate Vern Gardiner, more about Rochelle’s past was revealed. Turned out that Rochelle’s mother had lived with Vern as one of his five wives at Isengard, a West Auckland commune. Rochelle lost her virginity to Vern at the age of 14. Now with the lovely Lloyd, Rochelle was previously a solo mother with kids from different fathers.

Rochelle is played by Roz Turnbull.

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